YDL: Unlocking the door to property investment in the USA

“Business and investing are team sports.” – Robert Kiyosaki

YDL provides the team support your investment needs to succeed. At the heart of our offering is our turn-key service, which supports you throughout the property investment life cycle.

Today we’re unpacking just what that turn-key service entails, and how this service contributes to successful property investment in the US.

Our turn-key solution is anything but generic. Before you invest a cent, we investtime in you, understanding your needs, goals, investment criteria, and risk and reward preferences. This allows us to advise you on the investment model best suited to you personally. We then tailor our offering to your specific profile. Because we know you, we know what you need.

YDL has a team of experienced industry experts on the ground in Atlanta, US. These professionals have on the ground experience in the property market, with a specific focus, over the last three years, on Atlanta, (recently reiterated in the Keller Williams 2nd Quarter 2014 Metro Market Report as the place to invest in propertyright now). With their detailed, street-level knowledge, our team can identify the best properties to buy – and which ones to avoid. We know the best neighbourhoods to invest in if your goal is to rent your property for an ongoing revenue stream, and where to buy if your goal is to “flip” the property as soon as possible.

Bringing their property purchasing experience to bear, our squad will negotiate acompetitive purchase price, increasing potential capital returns when the time comes to sell your investment. Our on-the-ground team will select the properties most suited to your investment criteria, giving you as much (or as little) involvement in the process as you prefer.

Once the property is yours, it’s time to renovate. In the US (and increasingly around the world), buying, renovating and selling a property for profit is known as “flipping”. This is our passion and speciality. We have developed a network of property renovation professionals in Atlanta, and we work with these specialists to ensure that your property is upgraded to the required standard. This local knowledge is what gives us the competitive edge when flipping your property.

The property is now ready to sell or lease. When it comes to selling your property, our successful track record bears testament to the fact that we will secure the best possible price for your property.

Should we choose to let the property, we work with qualified rental agents who will manage the lease arrangements, tenant screening, rental collection, and ongoing maintenance for the duration of the lease period. Renting property is a sound investment and an excellent way to ensure a long-term income stream. Our goal is to facilitate a smooth, painless investment in a sound market, and focus on a profitable return. Qualified, screened property managers at the coal-face, as it were, make this goal achievable, and allow us to offer you peace of mind.

With broad experience in both the legal and practical aspects of property investment in South Africa and Atlanta, and the value we place in staying at the forefront of industry developments locally and internationally, YDL is perfectly placed to provide you with the best possible return on investment. We handle all the paperwork. We set up all the legal structures. We facilitate the renovations from concept, through design and execution, right up to selling your flipped property, or leasing your buy-to-let investment.

Because our network is right there, at the coal face, we make it possible for you to invest securely in a sound international investment.

What have you got to lose? In a word: nothing. And the returns? Why not call us today on 011 465 7356 and see for yourself?