Why Property Investment in the US is an Opportunity You Cannot Miss, Right Now!

Why Property Investment in the US Makes Sense

In this newsletter, we explain why buying property in the right markets in the USA, through trusted partners, is – right now – a smart investment, returning 8% to 12%.

Further facts and statistics can be found in our YDL Insights blog and we invite you to get incontact with us so that we can demonstrate how we can help you change your financial future in a way that is customised to suit your needs!

YDL Insights

YDL Insights

Why property investment in the US is an opportunity you cannot miss, right now

Why would someone choose to invest in property across continents, when there seems to be perfectly sound investment opportunities in South Africa?

The South African property market still offers good investment opportunities, but South African house price growth is expected to remain in lower single-digit territory for the year (negative in real terms).  According to FNB, average initial net yields are about 7%.

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In Other News

Global House Price Index

House prices around the world rose by an average of 4.3% in 2012 according to Knight Frank’s Global House Price Index. As Kate Everett- Allen explains, stronger conditions across all other world regions are offset by continuing challenges in the main European markets.

The 2012 results suggest the rehabilitation of the world’s housing markets – following the global financial crisis – is still a ‘work in progress’. The overall picture is an improving one, albeit marginally so.

Read the entire article here.

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