Offshore to the Rescue!

Did you know that you can invest with ease in offshore property? What is important is the type of investment you go for and that a reputable custodian manages the process for you. YDL’s current focus for South African investors is a fix-and-flip model. This refers to the process of buying, renovating and selling a… [Read More]

Steering your investment ship

2016 lies ahead: a brand new year brimming with investment opportunities … Diversification Into US Property While diversification into different markets and vehicles has always been a wise idea, we’ve seen an increase in enquiries about our offshore investment products after the Rand’s unfortunate plummet related to unwise finance minister decisions by Government.

Ready to invest? You need an expert who knows his ABC’s.

Investing money can be scary for some of us. In fact, most of us have earned our nest egg from the careers we’ve built or the businesses we’ve established – any of a million ways that are NOT investment. This means that not everyone understands investments as well as we understand the work we do – the work that got us that nest egg in the first place.