Offshore to the Rescue!

Did you know that you can invest with ease in offshore property? What is important is the type of investment you go for and that a reputable custodian manages the process for you. YDL’s current focus for South African investors is a fix-and-flip model. This refers to the process of buying, renovating and selling a… [Read More]

Lessons in the Field: Entrepreneurship meets Property

Many business lessons have been gleaned over the 13 years of YDL’s existence. Read on for the entrepreneurial tips you can apply to property investments, and elsewhere. Be 100% honest in your dealings. The kind of clients you want to take on both now, and in the future, are sure to see through anything underhanded. Do… [Read More]

Staking out surer pastures – how UK’s BREXIT affects property investment

Yields on US government debt saw a vast decrease following the UK referendum on 23 June 2016, putting downward pressure on US mortgage rates. The average rate on 30-year home mortgages fell to 3.66 percent, the lowest since May 2013, from 3.75 percent the previous week according to the Mortgage Bankers Association. This development is… [Read More]

Steering your investment ship

2016 lies ahead: a brand new year brimming with investment opportunities … Diversification Into US Property While diversification into different markets and vehicles has always been a wise idea, we’ve seen an increase in enquiries about our offshore investment products after the Rand’s unfortunate plummet related to unwise finance minister decisions by Government.

Ready to invest? You need an expert who knows his ABC’s.

Investing money can be scary for some of us. In fact, most of us have earned our nest egg from the careers we’ve built or the businesses we’ve established – any of a million ways that are NOT investment. This means that not everyone understands investments as well as we understand the work we do – the work that got us that nest egg in the first place.

Don’t believe a word you hear – property is the written word

Article 7 of 8 in the series: YDL Property Investment’s Eight Golden Rules of Property Investment Negotiating to buy property is very different from negotiating many other arrangements.  The law decrees that any agreement to sell property is invalid unless it is in writing and signed by all parties involved, whereas an oral agreement to… [Read More]

Why YDL currently has a direct presence in the US for now, and what this means for you as an investor

Deon from YDL Property Investment departed for Atlanta in the US last week for a few months in order to bolster YDL’s direct presence in Atlanta. This was a big decision for YDL Property Investment to make, and of course, a big move for Deon himself to make. What was the basis of this decision?  There… [Read More]

Passive is first prize: Property must bring you freedom not slavery

Article 6 of 8 in the series: YDL Property Investment’s Eight Golden Rules of Property Investment You want passive income. Your freedom comes from receiving your rent as hassle-free as possible – like monthly pension payments.  If the rents are high enough, they free you from having to work for a living.  On the way… [Read More]

How do you measure return on your property investment?

Article 3 in the series Recap Recapping on our previous articles in the series, Yield is probably the simplest calculation to use for residential property investment, and is useful as a quick guideline to the anticipated income return on a property. Yield is the net annual income (rent) generated by the property (after all the costs,… [Read More]

How do you measure return on your property investment?

Article 2 in the series There are different ways of measuring return, and our objective through this article series is to demonstrate how each of them can become applicable, depending on the context. Recap on Article 1 Article 1 focused on Yield.  If you recall, Yield is the net annual income (rent) generated by the… [Read More]