Questions to Ask


Questions to ask before you invest with anyone

Key suggestions and questions to ask your potential property partners before you invest

There are always people in the marketplace who purport to be experts in the game. Some, however, are not. Make sure you research the company you want to work with thoroughly before you go ahead with your investment.  To satisfy yourself that you are dealing with a legitimate organisation, you should ask yourself the following questions of your prospective property partner, and consider the suggestions we’ve given you to give you a head start.

1.  How long has the organisation been involved in the property industry?

YDL Property Investment has been focused on property investment for over a decade.

2.  What investment value has the organisation assisted their clients with during this time?

YDL Property Investment has assisted people to invest an estimated R1.5 billion into property, and in recent years, an estimated R200 million into distressed property assets.

3.  Can you give me some references to contact about your company?

YDL Property Investment will gladly put prospective clients in touch with existing clients.

4.  Understand the language the provider is using – specifically whether the returns quoted are gross or net

Some organisations quote very attractive yields, but these are not what you actually earn.  It is important to understand exactly what returns are presented and whether they are gross or net.  If the quote is in gross numbers, it is very important to understand what additional costs are payable and therefore what the true return on investment is estimated to be.

5.  Where in the food chain is the prospective partner in the property industry?

This is a very important question, as it will directly impact the level of return that you earn for your investment.  If your provider is working at grass roots level, doing property deals direct, you can earn higher profits.

YDL Property Investment works at grass roots level and thus can offer excellent deals to our clients.

With these questions in mind remember that . . .

Playing the property market may sound easy, but it is a complex industry.  Your probability of success is improved if you partner with genuine experts in the field.  These experts are there to help you choose the right property, at the right time, in the right place.  YDL Property Investment is one such organisation.  We have a proven track record in our selected areas of property investment.