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The YDL Property Investment model has been developed over more than a decade. We have great depth of experience in applying the model within the South African context, and have successfully implemented it in the United States. Moving the model to Atlanta required local, American-based knowledge and expertise which we’ve established through collaboration with top local specialists.  With that firmly in place, this is what we can do for you:

Buying, Renovating and Selling

The process of buying, renovating and selling is known, in the US, by the term ‘flipping’.  It involves the acquisition of a property, the renovation of the property, followed by the sale of the property.

Lack of local knowledge can lead to unforeseen costs and low – or no – return on investment. Working with YDL ensures you have the systems in place, and local expertise you need, to ensure you have the best chance of creating a successful investment deal.

YDL-Green-BlockYDL Property Investment’s professional team has more than a decade’s experience in selecting, purchasing, renovating and selling properties.  We facilitate the entire process on behalf of our clients.  You therefore not only receive expert advice in terms of where, when and what to spend your money on, but are also relieved of the frustrations that inevitably come with renovations.  The process is managed, from concept to completion, by the experts at YDL Property Investment.

Most of our ‘flipping’ deals are existing properties that we buy and renovate before selling them on. This is almost always the model we use for a single investor deal. However, occasionally we buy a piece of land, and build a property from scratch.

Buying to Let

Using our local knowledge we source properties in ideal locations for the rental market.   YDL Property Investment targets a competitive purchase price, leaving room for good capital returns, in addition to the monthly rental income.  If necessary, the properties are renovated, and are then handed over to letting agents, who source and manage tenants.  The monthly rental income provides an excellent revenue stream.

We have access to mortgage finance, which means we can now do more with the same amount of money that we previously invested in our cash purchases.  To find out more about mortgage finance in America, contact YDL Property Investment today.