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YDL Property Investment has expanded its operations to Atlanta, Georgia in the United States of America.

With considerable South African experience, and a highly successful local business model, YDL’s next step was to expand our borders into international markets. After extensive research, and by tapping into American-based knowledge and expertise, we honed in on Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

As an investor, you need to know what your money is doing, where and when.  Our business model is created around your direct involvement in every step of the property ‘flipping’ (buying, renovating and selling) or buy-to-let process.

Because of its direct business model, YDL Property Investments can offer extremely competitive investment opportunities in the USA.  Local knowledge and systems are vital to our success, and so we’ve invested resources into ensuring we have the knowledge, to street level, that we need in order to continue to make our mark on the city of Atlanta.  Our successful property investment track record in Atlanta thus far is commensurate with the detail in which we carried out that initial research.

YDL Property Investment has a sound investment track record, and we’ve helped thousands of investors – both locally and internationally – to build sustainable wealth.

To find out more about YDL Property Investment’s USA Property Partner Programme, visit our USA Property pages.  Or, if you are ready to chat about your opportunities with YDL Property Investment, request a personal consultation by clicking here.