Have you ever been confused by the financial data surrounding a business you are considering investing with?

You are not alone . . . but the times they are a-changing

The business model of today is fundamentally different from that of the past . . . even the not too distant past.  There was a time when specialists told the masses the ‘truth’ – whatever that truth happened to be at the time – and the masses believed those with higher education, in the absence of any other real options.

Then came the era of knowledge for the masses.  As people started to learn and understand more, the gap between specialist and layman became narrower . . . and people started asking questions.  Those questions often had the effect of angering the specialists, whose ‘truths’ began to catch up with them.

Now that we have the internet, this change is even more acute.  That isn’t to say that people with a great deal of experience in any given field know very little more than those who can Google their answer, they really do, but it does mean that people are more clued up when it comes to their own lives and the effects of their choices and decisions.

At YDL, we couldn’t be happier with this situation.  The fundamental understanding our clients have about what we do, is an innate part of our company, and the people who make up our company. We’ve always chosen to present things exactly as they are.  And for this reason the massive trend towards transparency bolsters our business, and further entrenches the trust we’ve built with our clients over the years.

What is transparency?

Within this context, transparency refers to the clear, and easily understood, financial and management information within a company.  Now, more than ever, it is a fundamental requirement for a successsful investment business to be transparent, and YDL takes this transparency very seriously.

In those days when specialists would do what they saw fit, it used to be that investment practices could hide, or make convoluted pathways through, their financial information, hoodwinking clients into taking them up on their investment practices.

Many company reports were designed to hide rather than reveal information, and complicated graphs and charts were used to confuse the non-specialist reader, and ensured they were not able to decode them.  In this way companies could – and can still in some ways – intentionally defraud, or mislead, investors in the interests of lining their own pockets.

Because companies now need to be transparent in order to garner the trust of their clients, companies like YDL stand head and shoulders above those that previously opted for opaque financials.

Transparency used to be a no no. Now, it is a vital part of any business success.  And YDL has, since its inception, had an open disclosure policy.  This means that from day one, our investors have had access to all the relevant financial information that impacts on their investment in any way.  And it is this transparency that has always stood us in good stead, and has helped us todevelop business relationships based in trust and integrity.

Transparency is not just about ethics

But transparency is not just about ethics, it is fundamentally part of a business.  In order to develop those all important relationships that lead to successful ventures, it is not only financial information that needs to be transparent.  YDL makes a point of keeping all of its investors in the loop for every decision they need, or want to be part of.  And we’ve really found this works for us, and our clients.

As we’ve begun extending our borders and reaching out to investment opportunities in other countries, we’ve found this transparency to be even more important.

Within our USA Property Partnership Programme, the need for transparency is even greater.  And so, we’ve made sure we’ve covered all the bases.  This means we are able to present you with candid and easily understood financial, and decision based, information you need to feel comfortable taking this opportunity while it is in its very best moment, and making the most of its potential.

If you would like to find out more about the USA Property Partnership Programme, drop us an email, or give us a call on 011 465 7356, and we’ll give you all the details.