Case Study: Charming home in gentrifying area

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The Returns

Our investor made $10,635 on an investment of $120,986 – a return of nearly 9% (17.34% annualised).

Before and After

This quaint property is situated in a rapidly gentrifying area.

We gutted the interior and replaced it with a new kitchen, new bathrooms and hardwood floors.

It was bought by an actor who just loved the area and the charm of the home. The annualised investor return on this deal was 17.34%.

Purchase price $104,905
Renovation cost $65,216
Sales price $242,500
Investor equity $120,986
Investor profit $10,635
Investor ROE 8.79%
Project duration (months) 8
Annualised investor ROE 17.34%

Walk Through

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