The Drawcard that is Atlanta

Before investing in a flip property, you’ll want to be sure that there’s a demand for it once complete. Here, John Damiano, CEO/associate broker of The Providence Group, Keller Williams Realty in Atlanta, chats to YDL about what new Atlanta residents are looking for in a renovated home and neighbourhood. Your Questions Answered… Question 1… [Read More]

Opportunity in uncertainty

In a Feb 2017 interview featured in Moneyweb’s ‘The Investor’, head of Old Mutual International SA, Wayne Sorour, brought the South African economy into sharp focus: ‘Representing less than one percent of the global economy and expecting less than two percent growth in GDP per annum over the next two years, [it] appears unlikely to… [Read More]

Offshore to the Rescue!

Did you know that you can invest with ease in offshore property? What is important is the type of investment you go for and that a reputable custodian manages the process for you. YDL’s current focus for South African investors is a fix-and-flip model. This refers to the process of buying, renovating and selling a… [Read More]


As the New Year gains momentum, we look back at 2016 in the light of cutting-edge property stats on the Atlanta metro. Provided by a leading US realty group, they strongly reinforce YDL’s current choice of investment location. Supply-driven seller’s market Once the supply of listings at a given location is less than six months,… [Read More]

Lessons in the Field: Entrepreneurship meets Property

Many business lessons have been gleaned over the 13 years of YDL’s existence. Read on for the entrepreneurial tips you can apply to property investments, and elsewhere. Be 100% honest in your dealings. The kind of clients you want to take on both now, and in the future, are sure to see through anything underhanded. Do… [Read More]

What are the five traits of property investment?

At its core, property is a conservative, steady, long-term, income investment. Conservative Historically, property’s income and capital growth have been lower than more aggressive investments such as equities. Sometimes property prices rise very fast, but this usually happens in the recovery phase after a deep recession. For this reason, property investment is typically positioned towards… [Read More]

Staking out surer pastures – how UK’s BREXIT affects property investment

Yields on US government debt saw a vast decrease following the UK referendum on 23 June 2016, putting downward pressure on US mortgage rates. The average rate on 30-year home mortgages fell to 3.66 percent, the lowest since May 2013, from 3.75 percent the previous week according to the Mortgage Bankers Association. This development is… [Read More]

Why Atlanta? A 2016 Perspective

We look at two reasons why Atlanta, Georgia, in the US, is a desirable investment location for property flips.

Sticks versus Bricks – US versus SA building methods in a nutshell

South African investors often ask about the building methods employed at YDL’s flip properties in Atlanta. This is because they differ significantly from our own bricks-and-mortar approach. Read on for interesting US construction know-how. Different approach In South Africa we’ve been conditioned to believe that building with bricks is essential, if quality and durability are… [Read More]

Décor raises flips profile

How many people do you deal with on a weekly, or even daily, basis via email, messenger or Skype? Are there several you’ve never met in person? We live in a world where the trusted handshake, accompanied by eye contact, are no longer factors that clinch the deal. Today, it is the other party’s reliability… [Read More]