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atlanta airport - the world's biggest

Assets beyond the obvious

If you grew up and were educated in a small rural town and suddenly found yourself at the centre of Hartsfield Jackson International airport, you’d be forgiven for staring open-mouthed at the number of flights due in and the general volume of activity taking place around you. It’s impressive what… [Read More]

invest in Atlanta, Georgia

The Drawcard that is Atlanta

Before investing in a flip property, you’ll want to be sure that there’s a demand for it once complete. Here, John Damiano, CEO/associate broker of The Providence Group, Keller Williams Realty in Atlanta, chats to YDL about what new Atlanta residents are looking for in a renovated home and neighbourhood…. [Read More]

Opportunity in uncertainty

In a Feb 2017 interview featured in Moneyweb’s ‘The Investor’, head of Old Mutual International SA, Wayne Sorour, brought the South African economy into sharp focus: ‘Representing less than one percent of the global economy and expecting less than two percent growth in GDP per annum over the next two… [Read More]

Offshore Investments to the Rescue

Offshore to the Rescue!

Did you know that you can invest with ease in offshore property? What is important is the type of investment you go for and that a reputable custodian manages the process for you. YDL’s current focus for South African investors is a fix-and-flip model. This refers to the process of… [Read More]

proeprties are spending less time on the market


As the New Year gains momentum, we look back at 2016 in the light of cutting-edge property stats on the Atlanta metro. Provided by a leading US realty group, they strongly reinforce YDL’s current choice of investment location. Supply-driven seller’s market Once the supply of listings at a given location… [Read More]

Lessons in the Field: Entrepreneurship meets Property

Many business lessons have been gleaned over the 13 years of YDL’s existence. Read on for the entrepreneurial tips you can apply to property investments, and elsewhere. Be 100% honest in your dealings. The kind of clients you want to take on both now, and in the future, are sure to… [Read More]

DOWN side UP!

Following on from our September newsletter, which focused on the concept of property investment, we now look at a few of its pros and cons. These should be weighed up carefully, before a potential investor takes the leap… Pros A thriving property portfolio will increase an individual’s net worth and… [Read More]

What are the five traits of property investment?

At its core, property is a conservative, steady, long-term, income investment. Conservative Historically, property’s income and capital growth have been lower than more aggressive investments such as equities. Sometimes property prices rise very fast, but this usually happens in the recovery phase after a deep recession. For this reason, property… [Read More]

How BREXIT affects offshore property investment for South Africans

Staking out surer pastures – how UK’s BREXIT affects property investment

Yields on US government debt saw a vast decrease following the UK referendum on 23 June 2016, putting downward pressure on US mortgage rates. The average rate on 30-year home mortgages fell to 3.66 percent, the lowest since May 2013, from 3.75 percent the previous week according to the Mortgage… [Read More]

Metro Atlanta Offers Great Propety Investment Opportunities

Why Atlanta? A 2016 Perspective

We look at two reasons why Atlanta, Georgia, in the US, is a desirable investment location for property flips.

Sticks versus Bricks – US versus SA building methods in a nutshell

South African investors often ask about the building methods employed at YDL’s flip properties in Atlanta. This is because they differ significantly from our own bricks-and-mortar approach. Read on for interesting US construction know-how. Different approach In South Africa we’ve been conditioned to believe that building with bricks is essential,… [Read More]

The right finishing touches to the décor make all the difference when flipping property.

Décor raises flips profile

How many people do you deal with on a weekly, or even daily, basis via email, messenger or Skype? Are there several you’ve never met in person? We live in a world where the trusted handshake, accompanied by eye contact, are no longer factors that clinch the deal. Today, it… [Read More]

Décor Makes all the Difference: Before and After – Fireplace

Click the image to start the slideshow. Click here to read the full article.

Décor Makes all the Difference: Before and After – Kitchen

Click the image to start the slideshow. Click here to read the full article.

Vision 2016

YDL has partnered with the No 1 real estate agency, Keller Williams, in metro Atlanta in order to find great flip deals for its investors. Among other perks, this gives YDL clients access to leading-edge real estate information, both at macro and micro level. Although our firm’s operations are based… [Read More]

It's a good time to invest in US Property

Steering your investment ship

2016 lies ahead: a brand new year brimming with investment opportunities … Diversification Into US Property While diversification into different markets and vehicles has always been a wise idea, we’ve seen an increase in enquiries about our offshore investment products after the Rand’s unfortunate plummet related to unwise finance minister… [Read More]

The Seven Golden Rules of Successful Property Investment

Investing in property can be a juggling act. There are a number of factors to take into account – and get right – if you want to achieve consistent returns. We call these factors our “Seven Golden Rules“. Here we explain how these factors affect your investment – and how… [Read More]

investment property flip case study

Case Study: Cosmetic Rehab

4 Bedrooms 3 Bathrooms 3 Reception Rooms Double Garden The Returns Our investor earned a 24,32% return on an investment of $35,406. The project took just over 5 months. Photos Purchase price $92,000 Renovation cost $22,038 Sales price $159,900 Investor equity $36,652 Investor profit $8,912 Investor ROE 24.32% Project duration (months)… [Read More]

Investment Property Flip Case Study

Case Study: New Construction Project

3 Bedrooms 2 Bathrooms 2 Reception Double Garage Garden The Returns Our investor made 18.08% ROE on an investment of $50,033 – resulting in an annualised return of 36.67%. This project took just on 6 months.   Before, During, and After Purchase price $30,793 Renovation cost $96,938 Sales price $172,500… [Read More]

investment property flip case study

Case Study: Charming home in gentrifying area

3 Bedrooms 2 Bathrooms 2 Reception Garden The Returns Our investor made $10,635 on an investment of $120,986 – a return of nearly 9% (17.34% annualised). Before and After This quaint property is situated in a rapidly gentrifying area. We gutted the interior and replaced it with a new kitchen, new… [Read More]

investment property flip case study

Case Study: Completely Renovated Home with Inground Pool

4 Bedrooms 2.5 Bathrooms 2 Reception Rooms 1 pool Double Garage Garden The Returns Our investor made $19,841 on an investment of $81,112 – a whopping return of 24.46%. All of this within only 3.5 months! Before and After This home is in one of the most sought after school districts… [Read More]

Know your Property Investment ABCs

Ready to invest? You need an expert who knows his ABC’s.

Investing money can be scary for some of us. In fact, most of us have earned our nest egg from the careers we’ve built or the businesses we’ve established – any of a million ways that are NOT investment. This means that not everyone understands investments as well as we understand the work we do – the work that got us that nest egg in the first place.

systems and procedures

Three keys to identifying a property investment expert

Most of us are not seasoned investors. And while we may be very good at the things we do that made us the money in the first place, we probably aren’t investment gurus. Even seasoned investors may not be particularly well versed in offshore property investments. Yet when it comes… [Read More]

How many agents does it take to sell a house?

When buying or selling property in South Africa, there is usually a single real estate agent who handles the sale. He is appointed by the seller to market the property, and his job is to obtain the best possible price. Prospective buyers then contact the sales agent, view the property,… [Read More]

Is your property investment built on a firm foundation?

As we unpack the key criteria for success in offshore property investments, it’s useful to compare the property markets in Atlanta with those in South Africa. Buyers in South Africa have a different approach to buyers in Atlanta when it comes to the condition of the homes they buy –… [Read More]

Two things you need to know when you invest in property

We’ve been property investors for many years. And we’ve learned a lot. Some of the lessons are of the common sense variety. Others we simply couldn’t have anticipated if it hadn’t been for our focused, on-the-ground, hands-on approach. The Number One Lesson We’ve Learned This is the question we’re most… [Read More]

Here’s what the Budget Speech means for foreign exchange allowances

On the 25th of February Minister of Finance, Nhlanhla Nene delivered his first budget speech since his appointment last May. For South African investors looking to move funds abroad, the news is positive. The changes outlined in the Minister’s speech take effect on the 1st of April. Let’s unpack the… [Read More]

What a strong US economy means for your investment

The word from pundits is that the US is retaking its place as the global engine of economic recovery with a growth rate above 3% predicted for 2015. This would be its best performance since 2005. A stronger American economy, and a gradual relaxation in mortgage lending criteria, mean more… [Read More]

Case Study: Bought at 30% less than market value

5 Bedrooms 2.5 Bathrooms 3 Reception Double Garden The Returns Our investor earned a 7.12% return on an investment of $187,500. The project took just under 6 and a half months.   Photos Click to enlarge Purchase price $171,000 Renovation cost $16,500 Sales price $239,800 Investor equity $197,434 Investor profit $14,052… [Read More]

Financial emigration allows you to secure and grow your wealth.

Welcome to 2015. A good friend used to start his year with the words, I wish you health, wealth and happiness. I’d like to echo that sentiment. A new year presents an opportunity to set audacious goals. The bright fresh page of 2015 lies ready for us to make our… [Read More]

What is a seller’s market (and how does it benefit you)?

Two terms that are often bandied about to describe market conditions in real estate are “buyer’s market” and “seller’s market”. While these terms are largely self-explanatory, it’s useful to understand the factors that determine market conditions at any given time. What is a Seller’s Market? In essence, a seller’s market… [Read More]

If you’re asking one of these 8 questions about offshore investment, we’ve got the answers

Thank you for the interest you’ve shown in YDL’s property investment news. YDL specialises in US residential property investment. Why have we focused on this area? The fact is that it just makes sense. More South Africans are becoming financial emigrants now than ever before, and for good reason. It makes… [Read More]

YDL: Unlocking the door to property investment in the USA

“Business and investing are team sports.” – Robert Kiyosaki YDL provides the team support your investment needs to succeed. At the heart of our offering is our turn-key service, which supports you throughout the property investment life cycle. Today we’re unpacking just what that turn-key service entails, and how this… [Read More]

Five things you should know before you invest

Once you know them, you’ll know that investing in Atlanta is the most sensible investment decision you’ll make this year. Atlanta, Georgia, is one of the major distribution hubs for the United States, as well as for much of the rest of the world dealing with the States.  As such,… [Read More]

Have you ever been confused by the financial data surrounding a business you are considering investing with?

You are not alone . . . but the times they are a-changing The business model of today is fundamentally different from that of the past . . . even the not too distant past.  There was a time when specialists told the masses the ‘truth’ – whatever that truth… [Read More]

Unique investment option for a select audience

Frankly, this property investment option isn’t for everyone.  And not everyone is in the financial position to benefit from it. However, because we believe that this is something you will find exciting, challenging and financially rewarding, we’re keen to share it with you.  The knowledge and understanding we’ve garnered, from… [Read More]

Perspective on the Rand

Essential Context Understanding the recent performance of the Rand is the key to gauging its shorter to medium term prospects. In recent months, global currency traders have been navigating increasingly unsettled waters. Amidst global economic uncertainties, storm warnings for emerging market currencies – which include South Africa – began to… [Read More]

Property Investment Overview

Given the “flat” performance of the South African property market, lower distressed property volumes, and higher distressed prices, YDL Property Investment has – at least for the time being – exited this market. Our commitment is to go where the best opportunities are to be found, and – in our… [Read More]

The 3 main reasons why we’re “flipping” in Atlanta

Do you want to earn between 15% and 30% pa on your capital with a trusted partner that takes care of everything? YDL has entered the “flipping” (buy – fix up – sell) market in Atlanta, Georgia, and is inviting investors to come along for the journey. The article below deals… [Read More]

The dangers of property investment offshore

Article 1 in the series of ‘The dangers of property investment offshore’ Article 2 in the series of ‘The dangers of property investment offshore’ Article 3 in the series of “The dangers of property investment offshore” Article 4 in the series of “The dangers of property investment offshore”      … [Read More]

Earn 15% to 30% on your capital

Do you want to earn between 15% and 30% per annum on your capital with a trusted partner that takes care of everything? YDL is excited to announce that it has entered the “flipping” (buy – fix up – sell) market in Atlanta, Georgia, and is inviting investors to come… [Read More]

Thank you for taking part in our property investment quiz!

Did you know that with as little as R250 000 you can invest with YDL? If you would like one of our team members to contact you in this regard please let us know by filling in a short contact us form here.  

Property Investment Quiz

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The simple, effective strategy for assured wealth

There are many opportunities in the property market that arise suddenly and should be seized.  You can also take different risks at different parts of the property cycle, for instance, gearing high at the bottom of the market when you are sure that prices will rise, or selling out at… [Read More]

How debt can magnify your return – and your risk

Property investment has a distinct advantage over most other asset classes (at least for the “ordinary man in the street”), in that loans are more easily obtained to fund the investment (despite the introduction of the National Credit Act). Using debt to improve your return on equity is called gearing… [Read More]

Trouble = distance squared; stay close to home or have excellent management if you invest elsewhere

Article 8 of 8 in the series: YDL Property Investment’s Eight Golden Rules of Property Investment The pleasure of property is that it gives you a flow of passive income, which you can manage in your spare time. But tell that to an investor who lives in Windhoek, sees on… [Read More]

Don’t believe a word you hear – property is the written word

Article 7 of 8 in the series: YDL Property Investment’s Eight Golden Rules of Property Investment Negotiating to buy property is very different from negotiating many other arrangements.  The law decrees that any agreement to sell property is invalid unless it is in writing and signed by all parties involved,… [Read More]

Why YDL currently has a direct presence in the US for now, and what this means for you as an investor

Deon from YDL Property Investment departed for Atlanta in the US last week for a few months in order to bolster YDL’s direct presence in Atlanta. This was a big decision for YDL Property Investment to make, and of course, a big move for Deon himself to make. What was the… [Read More]

Passive is first prize: Property must bring you freedom not slavery

Article 6 of 8 in the series: YDL Property Investment’s Eight Golden Rules of Property Investment You want passive income. Your freedom comes from receiving your rent as hassle-free as possible – like monthly pension payments.  If the rents are high enough, they free you from having to work for… [Read More]

How do you measure return on your property investment?

Article 3 in the series Recap Recapping on our previous articles in the series, Yield is probably the simplest calculation to use for residential property investment, and is useful as a quick guideline to the anticipated income return on a property. Yield is the net annual income (rent) generated by the… [Read More]

Another successful property purchased in Atlanta by YDL

This week we look at another property that we purchased in Atlanta for one of our South African investors. We were able to physically inspect this property whilst we were there recently. In this example the property has already undergone the rehab work (renovation) which included items such as painting… [Read More]

Look the same, don’t taste the same: Standardise your investment model but develop gut feel

Article 5 of 8 in the series: YDL Property Investment’s Eight Golden Rules of Property Investment It is important that you are able to compare apples with apples on the fundamental issues when choosing between investment properties.  This means applying the same set of criteria to all of them and… [Read More]

How do you measure return on your property investment?

Article 2 in the series There are different ways of measuring return, and our objective through this article series is to demonstrate how each of them can become applicable, depending on the context. Recap on Article 1 Article 1 focused on Yield.  If you recall, Yield is the net annual… [Read More]

Rule 4: Love what you buy, but don’t be seduced: stay objective

Rule 4 of 8 in the series:  YDL Property Investment’s Eight Golden Rules of Property Investment When buying any property there is always a tendency for the decision to be swayed by emotional factors. Never buy an investment property purely on the basis that you have fallen in love with… [Read More]

How do you measure return on your property investment

When it comes to property investment, how do you know if you are looking at a good investment?  How do you compare different properties with each other?  There are different ways of measuring returns on your property investment.  These include investor yield, cash on cash return and total return. This… [Read More]

Choose your poison; become a niche expert

Article 3 of 8 in the series: YDL Property Investment’s Eight Golden Rules of Property Investment Each property and subsector has its own reality. Unlike stock investments, the residential property market does not have a stock exchange to inform you or assist you with determining fair value for your investment. Unless… [Read More]

Ready to find out what your Risk Appetite is?

Thanks for having some fun with us, and taking our Risk Appetite Quiz!  The results are as follows:   If you scored between 7 and 8 you are a Low Risk Investor: Traits and Characteristics: You are a conservative investor and you seek moderate returns on your property investments, with… [Read More]

The Rand:Dollar debate – Why YDL believes USA property is the best property investment around

Much talk currently surrounds last week’s weakness of the Rand, and its subsequent strenghtening (at the time of writing it was at R9.85). Who knows where it will go next as exchange rate forecasting is an uncertain business. We spoke to a top economist and his view is that, “in… [Read More]

What is your Risk Appetite?

Have you ever asked yourself what appetite you have for risk?  When it comes to property investment, it’s important to understand what type of risk profile you prefer.  Understanding your risk profile means that you understand what level of risk you are going to feel comfortable with. Take our fun Quiz and… [Read More]

Make time your servant, not your master

Article 2 of 8 in the series:  YDL Property Investment’s Eight Golden Rules of Property Investment Just as producing a beautiful wine or quality whisky takes time, so too does reaping the benefits of property investment. Property investment is not a get-rich-quick scheme, but rather an investment that matures over… [Read More]

Three mistakes beginner property investors make

From the outside, few things appear simpler than purchasing a property and renting it out. But numerous mistakes can be made before, during, and after the investment purchase. These can cost an investor dearly. Biggest mistake number 1: Being overoptimistic

YDL Property Investment’s Eight Golden rules of property investment

Stalking the Liquidity Dragon  Article 1 of 8 in the series: YDL Property Investment’s Eight Golden Rules of Property Investment stem from our years of experience in the property investment industry.  Good advice, when followed, is likely to stand the test of time and result in the creation of wealth. … [Read More]

ABSA Housing Review 2nd Quarter of 2013 – Key points

The ABSA Housing Review for the 2nd quarter of 2013 has been recently released.  This report presents the latest developments in the South African economy, household sector and the residential property market.  The key points have been extracted from this in-depth analysis for your convenience: The fourth quarter of 2012… [Read More]

Why purchasing an offshore investment property is the easy part

 . . . and how YDL Investment Properties takes care of the hard part for you Article 4 in the series of ‘The seven dangers of property investment offshore’ So, you’d like to purchase your dream investment in the US. Now what? Whilst the process of purchasing a property may… [Read More]

Why understanding the property investment food chain is a must

 .  .  . and why YDL Property Investment is on top  Article 3 in the series of “The seven dangers of property investment offshore” Many investors will try and take shortcuts in their investment processes in order to maximise their profits. Instead of working with a reputable company like YDL… [Read More]

Why Property Investment in the US is an Opportunity You Cannot Miss, Right Now!

In this newsletter, we explain why buying property in the right markets in the USA, through trusted partners, is – right now – a smart investment, returning 8% to 12%. Further facts and statistics can be found in our YDL Insights blog and we invite you to get incontact with… [Read More]

Why buying investment property off the Internet is a seriously bad idea

 .  .  . and working with YDL Property Investment isn’t  Article 2 in the series of ‘The dangers of property investment offshore’ Many, if not all, would-be property investors trawl through the Internet looking for the ‘deal of a lifetime’.  When they come across one that looks attractive, they leap… [Read More]

Property Investment’s deadly sin: Not understanding local market conditions

. . . .  and how YDL Property Investment overcomes this Article 1 in the series of ‘The dangers of property investment offshore’ Do you know someone who has invested in the United States property market and had disastrous results?  Has their experience caused you not to pursue your own offshore… [Read More]

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Investment Property Yield and Golden Rules

Investment Property Yield and Golden Rules

Welcome to this week’s insights. In this week’s edition, we carry Rule 4 of 8 in our 8 Golden Rules series, which cautions investors not to become too emotionally vested in their properties. We also carry an article which demonstrates how yield is calculated. We trust you’ll find these articles… [Read More]

Why property investment in the US is an opportunity you cannot miss, right now

Why would someone choose to invest in property across continents, when there seems to be perfectly sound investment opportunities in South Africa? The South African property market still offers good investment opportunities, but South African house price growth is expected to remain in lower single-digit territory for the year (negative… [Read More]

‘YDL takes the risk out of purchasing an auction property’ – Paul Burger

YDL purchased 2 excellent properties for me, both well below market value and with existing reliable tenants. The process was smooth and any hiccups were professionally dealt with. I can highly recommend YDL to anyone looking to purchase property. They take most of the risk out of purchasing an auction… [Read More]

‘I highly recommend YDL’s services to any other investor’ – Fabrizio Astengo

I joined YDL’s Partner Property Programme and within a few months they bought me a great investment property at a massive 41% discount! Most importantly, my net yield is a whopping 13%, something I did not believe would be possible in an area with good growth prospects and excellent tenant… [Read More]

‘YDL makes things stress free and easy to manage’ – Jeanine

YDL has sourced two fantastic properties for me, at over 30% discount to market value. They are in great locations, with a very strong rental demand and I am achieving excellent yields. Having searched long and hard for such deals I know how difficult they are to find. Their attention to… [Read More]

‘YDL has the process down to a fine art’ – Dawn Myburg

Thank you all for your hard work and for getting everything wrapped up in such a short time. I am very lucky indeed that YDL was organising the purchase for me. You really have the process down to a fine art. I am very pleased with my new investment and… [Read More]

Build your wealth by beating the averages

For YDL Property Investment, it has never been about the averages. The outlook for the residential property market remains subdued, with real house price deflation predicted for 2013. But, weak house prices are ironically good for the buy to let market, as yields are gradually improving. According to a recent FNB/TPN… [Read More]